Sandy Skoglund

Sun and Rain

Red Tree


I really like how the photographer made this dark and gloomy. The way she made the cats green makes it pop out. I also like how the cats are not in one certain position. She made the all different position. The image looks like clay. I love how she made it outstanding and eye catching for her audience.

Wassily Kandinsky

Image result for Wassily Kandinsky

I really enjoy the cool and warm colors that he used in thing image. I believe that the orange grabs the attention to the auditions. I see that Wassily Kandinsky used different colors in the field area to stand out.  He made a line in the middle of his image that points out to the yellowish house. The mountain in the background our black and the trees as well. The clouds have two different color that are create it even better.

Social Issue

I feel that people should be treat with respect and not base on their skin color, sexuality, and gender. That no one should be treated special. I’m  arguing about how people are treated badly because of their race, gender and what they in believe. Its not fair how people treat other people if they are lower or believe they are better. Everyone has their opinions, their believe and what they are. They cant change what they are or believe in. I seen a lot of this on social media and in public. This is major problem into our society and generation.